Order online in the EU – ebay

To search for offers on ebay throughout Europe, you must select “Europe” under “Item location” on the left. You will also receive offers from other European countries.

In the list of offers you can see to the right of the price from which country the item is shipped (e.g. “From Spain”). The shipping costs will be adjusted by ebay according to your location (Germany). British offers are converted from pounds to euros.

Advantages over Amazon

ebay offers a few advantages over Amazon when it comes to cross-border online shopping. On the one hand, the buyer is immediately shown the actual shipping costs. On the other hand, all visible offers can also be sent to Germany.

Disadvantages compared to Amazon
The customer always pays foreign VAT when shopping abroad. For example, they have to pay 3 percentage points more tax on a Spanish product than in Germany (22% Spanish VAT vs. 19% German VAT). There is no automatic adjustment to German VAT, as is the case with Amazon. (This only applies to offers that are sold directly by Amazon, not for Marketplace offers).